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At Village Health Partners, community is at the very core of who we are. Everything we are able to offer patients, is due to the collaborative effort of our community partners working together to provide an even better patient experience. Convenience, accessibility and the best care is what we strive to offer all Village Health Partners patients - and because of our village, we are able to do just that. 



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Being a Village Pediatrics patient means more than great pediatric care, children have access to the same advanced healthcare resources as Village Health Partners’ patients. When the bittersweet time comes for children to graduate from a pediatrician to a primary care provider, Village Pediatrics will be there to partner them with an expert primary care physician at Village Health Partners that best aligns with their healthcare needs.

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We believe in whole-person wellness, which encompasses strong relationships with a primary care provider, healthy lifestyles outside of the doctor's office, and a healthy mind. Mental health can have a direct effect on your body as well, so it's important to not neglect it. Our seasoned and licensed on-site counseling team has the background and education to handle a variety of mental disorders, most of which can be defined and treated with one-on-one therapy. Our counselors continue to change the lives of our patients and help them feel more confident and self-assured in their daily lives.

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Village Health Partners offers on-site diet and nutrition guidance by our registered, licensed dietitians. They specialize in helping patients and their families understand and practice new eating lifestyles, manage nutrition requirements and increase physical activity.

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Dr. Aparna Ayyagari offers additional information and treatment options for patients suffering from diabetes, thyroid conditions, hormone disorders, osteoporosis and bone disorders, and adrenal and pituitary gland disorders. 

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Patients at Village Health Partners have access to focus of care clinics to provide convenient access to screenings. We also offer advanced directives, Medicare Advantage coordinators who work with patients and their physicians to make sure they're staying on track with their care, and partners who specialize in Medicare insurance plans who can provide patients with education and materials. Patients also receive care coordination and medication management through Catalyst Health Network and Catalyst Rx.


Village Health Partners was founded with the idea that patients shouldn't have to drive around from building to building to get their needs met. All Village Health Partners medical villages have a lab on-site for patient convenience and imaging for needs like x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. All Village Health Partners medical villages have imaging on-site for patient convenience.

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