Our purpose at Village Health Partners is to Help Communities Thrive. These communities include everything from our employees, to our patients, to the local towns and cities that we serve. We love partnering with our communities to help them thrive! Read below for our community impact and community involvement.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Coronavirus has taken over our lives. It’s only been a few weeks, but at times, it feels like much longer. Remember those days when we were able to have dinner with our friends and extended family? Seems like only a distant memory! The great news is that one day, we will get back to what feels like “normal.” 

Reality is though, not everyone has those great memories of gathering around the dinner table for a meal to enjoy with family. Every single day 6,200 children die from starvation around the world, but we can all work to make a difference.

Less than two months ago, an amazing group of individuals, including the team at Village Health Partners volunteered for an organization called Feed My Starving Children. The Christian nonprofit organization serves children all around the world and aims to “reach everyone, until ALL are fed.” Our group of volunteers stepped up to the plate to hand-pack healthy meals, ultimately helping to reverse and prevent undernutrition in children.

It was such a rewarding experience for the Village Health Partners team to find yet another way to make an impact in the community, outside of the office. We can’t wait for the opportunity to get back out and help our community thrive, and we especially can’t wait to help these children make memories of their own!

If you are interested in doing something good for the community, click here and learn more about how you can get involved with Feed My Starving Children.

This Friday we’re flashing back to our employee Coffee Day from Daylight Savings this past March. Although an hour was lost, team members across all locations received an extra boost of energy thanks to a pick-me-up from the bagel buffet and plenty of coffee. Cheers to a new season, packed with a little more sunshine!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

This week we’re flashing back to the first ever community Rec Fest this past January, hosted by Plano Parks and Recreation. The event was in partnership with the It's Time Texas Community Challenge in an effort to encourage Plano residents to participate in the health competition as well as learn how to work towards a healthier lifestyle with services available to them locally.

Nearly 90 residents from Plano had the opportunity to speak with members from the Village Health Partners team. They were able to get further education on the importance blood pressure has on their overall heart health, learned about options and services we provide to patients and discussed personal heart health questions with doctors on-site. Almost 40 residents had their blood pressure taken and received more information on what their numbers mean, what a good blood pressure range typically looks like and various suggestions on how to lower it.

The It's Time Texas Community Challenge was such an uplifting mission for all who were involved. The 8-week challenge consisted of various cities in Texas competing against each other, while working towards toward a shared goal of transforming the health of their community. Those who participated could earn even more points by uploading pictures of themselves exercising alone or in a group. We had quite a blast there ourselves, check out our photos from the event below.