We dedicate ourselves to providing an unsurpassed patient experience by delivering accessible, convenient, and quality medical care. We are committed to the highest level of integrity and to partnering with patients, fostering a respectful work environment, and leading innovation in healthcare.


Helping our Communities Thrive


The Village Health Partners core values are embodied into every team member. They appropriately make up the word "CARES" and are as follows.

Continuous Improvement

VHP has a proud history of encouraging innovation and improvement in healthcare. It is so much a part of our character and culture that the VHP staff reflects that quality in our core values. In an effort to further reflect VHP’s desire for continued improvement, we want to specifically hear from our frontline team members about what innovations or improvements they think VHP should invest in. We have an annual award that is presented to the most innovative idea, whether it is implemented or not.

Access to Care

It's not only in our core values, it's also in our mission statement. We want to provide the most access to care and provide it in the most appropriate manner. This is why our offices are open seven days a week, minus major holidays! 

Respect for All

We foster a respectful work environment and want everyone at Village Health Partners to know they are a valued member of our team. We expect a high level of respect in all interactions among coworkers, providers, and patients. 

Efficient and Effective

We want all employees working at the top of their licenses in the most efficient and effective way possible. Do you have a more efficient way to get the job done? Is it going to be more effective? Share your knowledge! 

Share Knowledge

Keeping information to yourself or within your own department doesn't help the company succeed. This is why we believe that sharing knowledge is such an important part of our culture! We highly encourage collaboration amongst team members, locations, and departments!