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Board of Directors

Jamison Albracht.jpg

Dr. Jaime Albracht

President and Physician

Keith Eppich.jpg

Dr. Keith Eppich

VP and Physician

Sander Gothard.jpg

Dr. Sandar Gothard

Founder and Physician

John Moon2.jpg

Dr. John Moon


Greg Ennis.jpg

Dr. Greg Ennis


Douglas Fullington.jpg

Dr. Douglas Fullington


Madhavi Ampajwala.jpg

Dr. Madavi Ampajwala 


Ryan Hewitt.jpg

Dr. Ryan Hewitt


Malini Hebbur.jpg

Dr. Malini Hebbur


VHP Logo _Color.png


Chief Operations Officer

Management Team

Gail Rowden.jpg

Gail Rowden

HR Director

Trish Angleton.jpg

Trish Angleton

Director of Project Management

Windy Knapp.jpg

Windy Knapp

Quality Director

VHP Logo _Color.png

Jazmin Saenz

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Ronda Roberts.jpg

Ronda Roberts

Site Director

Independence Medical Village

VHP Logo _Color.png

Brandi Cook

Site Director

Frisco Medical Village

Susan Garcia.jpg

Susan Garcia

SIte Director

McKinney Medical Village

Manjari Subramanian.jpg

Manjari Subramanian

Site Manager

Legacy Medical Village

LaCheryl White.jpg

LaCheryl White

Site Manager

Village Pediatrics

VHP Logo _Color.png

Jessica Beaty

Training Manager

VHP Logo _Color.png

Meagan Goggans

Project Manager

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