Just like the boy in the video below, the entire team at Village Health Partners makes a difference every single day…for patients, for peers, for the community and in so many more ways. We shine a spotlight on all that our team does to make a difference each and every day. Then, we celebrate them as a team. 

We believe that every person can make a difference, regardless of their role within the organization. Our patient communications team can make a difference in patient's lives by being kind and courteous as they help patients schedule appointments. Our check-in team is the face of our practice and makes a difference by greeting patients with a smile. Our medical assistants make a difference by providing support and lending a listening ear. Our medical providers make a difference by meeting patients where they are in their healthcare journey. Leadership makes a difference by supporting their team and by helping them grow personally and professionally. Regardless of your role or title, we know that you make a difference. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we cannot wait to work with you.



Big Thank you to the members of the Covid Vaccine Subcommittee, who worked so hard to plan, design, and implement the workflows for our clinics. Thank you for also committing additional time on friday to make sure the clinic ran as smooth as possible for our employees and family members! Your leadership and high level of engagement is so appreciated!!

VHP Kudos post 2-17-21.jpg

Kudos to Addy for #MakingADifference! Even at 6:00 am she is always ready to serve our team with a smile on her face, swabbing our providers and team to make sure we continue to stay safe in the office. Thank you Addy for your dedication and positive attitude throughout this journey!


LMV had their first COVID-19 vaccine clinic and thanks to these two AMAZING MAs - LaKeshia Keller and Donna Lawson, the vaccinated 47 patients, family and friends while treating each one with Respect and working together effective and efficiently. Thank you ladies for keeping our community FREE from COVID-19.

Meet Nurse Practitioner Alycia Hawkins! We applaud Alycia for her heroism as she represented Village Health Partners in the fight against COVID-19 in New York earlier in the year. Alycia put her health on the line, risked her safety, and sacrificed time away from her husband and three children all to lend a helping hand to more patients battling this horrific virus.


This week, we are proud to announce Alycia was one of the first Village Health Partners providers to receive the innovative mRNA vaccine, Moderna. Alycia chose to be vaccinated for her family and patients. Her youngest son has a rare lung disease and, like many other chronic disease patients, will benefit from herd immunity.


Special thank you to Kelsey for #MakingADifference by providing support over the phone to a concerned parent whose child was COVID-19 positive. Kelsey continued to call back each day just to ensure everything was okay!


Our teamwork isn't just with those that we work next to, it extends to our parents as well. Big thank you to Brittany for your compassion carrying a newborn baby out to the car, helping a new mother who was just discharged from the hospital. We're in this together! #MakingADifference